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Common Questions


Interested in learning more about Main Street Ventures and our programs? Check out the answer to our most Common Questions!


If you still have specific questions about your Grant Application, you can reach out to the team by completing the form at the end of the Common Questions.

Which Grant Should I Apply For?

We are happy to guide you through the application process and help you determine which of our grants is most applicable to your business via our Information Sessions.


Our general guideline, however, is to assess your business stage in terms of revenue. If your business is pre-revenue, you should consider applying for the Launch Grant. If your business has generated sufficient revenue relative to your industry, you should likely apply for the Leap Grant.

What types of Projects are eligible for MSV Grant Programs?

Some examples of projects are - "Need specific new equipment to expand or launch new operations." or"Need to develop the next phase of our Technology Product"


Main Street Ventures Grants do not cover Operating Expenses such as Existing Payroll, Insurance, Legal Fees, Marketing Expenses, etc.

When will I receive a response in regard to my Grant Application?

Grant applications are reviewed after each application cycle closes. Review the timeline provided on our Grant Funding Page. Please do not contact us for updates if within that timeframe.

Do you only give grants to specific industries?

Our industry focus areas are Retail Storefronts, Manufactured Goods, and Technology. We have given grants to restaurants, storefronts, packaged goods, and even the latest technology products.

Do I have to be located in a specific neighborhood?

No! As long as you are located in the Greater Cincinnati Region and the counties listed on our Grant Funding Page. You do not have to be located in a specific neighborhood within those counties.

Do you take equity? Do I have to pay this back? 

No to both! This is equity-free, debt-free funding. Our goal is to remove barriers for you to grow your business!

Why was my Grant Application declined?

While we try to give specific feedback to as many applications as possible, sometimes we are unable to provide a detailed reply. Please read all of the criteria, an application that has been declined usually fails to meet some of the required aspects.

My Grant Application was declined, when can I apply again?

We will consider new applications from the same company, or organization after one full application cycle if the business has experienced significant changes and growth.

Who decides grant award recipients?

The Main Street Ventures Board of Directors approves the grant award recipients.

HELP! I still have specific questions about my Grant Application.

Don't worry! If you have specific questions about your Grant Application, complete the form linked below and a team member will be in touch!

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