“Leap” Funding Grants



Social Mission-Driven Startup

Waterfields is a social startup that hydroponically grows mission-driven premium microgreens and specialty produce year-round in warehouse spaces in the urban core, selling locally to leading restaurants, caterers and specialty grocers. 


Waterfields leverages local capacity to realize healthier and more prosperous neighborhoods through employment of local residents at livable wages to generate rooted wealth in struggling urban areas.


Main Street Ventures grant of $20,000 allowed Waterfields to quickly expand their warehouse and grow operations to meet rapidly increasing demand.

Organization Grants 



Accessing Neighborhoods

Mortar is an entrepreneurship accelerator that hosts a 10-week training and mentorship program for low-income, minority or other “non-traditional” entrepreneurs. 


Its focus on long-term residents and minorities in neighborhoods experiencing growth and transition allow Mortar access to a population of entrepreneurs unseen by many other startup support organizations in the city.

Collective Learning



Main Street Ventures will also use direct grant funds to support events and programs that will foster collective learning and build critical skilled for start ups.

Hack-a-thons or Community-Based Learning Activities 

Collective problem solving sessions lead to some of the most innovative solutions.

Tech Education and Job Placement Programs

Tech Education and Job Placement Programs.

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