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Founder Feature: April Pandora of Eden Urban Gardens

Meet April Pandora.

Managing Member, Urban Farmer at Eden Urban Gardens, LLC.

"It is... the entrepreneurship dream, but it does require a lot of discipline and hard work - and definitely a lot of faith."

Eden Urban Gardens is a for-profit urban farm located in the heart of Avondale. The farm transformed a vacant plot of land and is helping to meet the community’s food needs.


Q: What is a problem you are working to solve?

A: Provide quality certified organic produce to our city

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?

A: It varies depending on what needs to be done! It could be field work, harvesting, planting, fertilizing, processing, deliveries, markets, tours, etc. Every day is unique and the work farming requires a wide range of skills.

Q: How did a grant from Main Street Ventures impact you and your business?

A: Installed a deer fence to prevent losing crops.

Q: What’s a recent book, podcast, or news story that you found interesting?

A: The recent Cincinnati High Tunnel Initiative Program in 2020-USDA-NRCS.

*The Cincinnati High Tunnel Initiative Program allows local farmers and growers to apply for assistance in implementing a high tunnel system. This system allows the growing season to extend beyond the first frost.*

Q: What's next for Eden Urban Gardens?

A: Continuing growth and adding in more fruit crops-planting the orchard!


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