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Founder Feature: Rico Grant of Gallery at Gumbo and Paloozanoire

Meet Rico Grant.

"...[encouragement] actually comes from those who helped raise me from the community I grew up in - who only want to see me win..."

Gallery at Gumbo is an inclusive barbershop & Art Gallery tolerating zero divides in race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Paloozanoire is a cultural campaign designed primarily for black millennials who share a common interest in the areas of corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and creativity.


Q: What is a problem you are working to solve?

A: Paloozanoire: Uplifting and empowering Black professionals throughout the Midwest region!

Gallery at Gumbo: Fruition of Conversation. Gallery at Gumbo hosts "Shop Talk" once a month with notable guests from around Cincinnati to discuss notable topics from a wide range of perspectives.

Q: How did a grant from Main Street Ventures impact you and your business?

A: For Paloozanoire, It was our first check, without it not only would we have formed and catered to the 1900 attendees for the first Paloozanoire conference but it steamrolled us to be able to raise from P&G, Kroger, GCF, ArtsWave, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Frost Brown Todd, Thompson Hine, Mays and more...

For Gallery at Gumbo, MSV support will help launch "Shop Talk", the main feature out of the Gallery.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?

A: 1001 ideas in my head upon wake up. Connecting with those who care to bring those ideas to fruition. Finding ways to bring the people of our community into the concept and create what they need, want, and deserve.

Q: What is a lesson you've learned that has shaped your work?

A: To always create to fill gaps. With Paloozanoire, we brought something so unusual to this market, and as a result that everything we create under the umbrella is based on that lesson.

Q: What's next for Paloozanoire and Gallery at Gumbo?

A: In 2021, our "next" looks like an elevation of what we've created. Paloozanoire Conference (summer of 2021), Black & Brown Faces Tour (summer/fall of 2021), Noire Hike Day (summer of 2021), and Juneteenth Block Party (summer of 2021). There is work that needs to be done but we live in the reality that someone has to do it.


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