Main Street Ventures' primary initiative is to support emerging businesses that show potential to create jobs and other opportunities in the Cincinnati area. We will also support organizations that are strengthening the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. These can include entrepreneur support organizations that foster collaboration and development of STEM talent in the region. For all initiatives that Main Street Ventures supports, there is a particular focus on women and minority entrepreneurs that have been historically under-represented as founders.

History of Main Street Ventures




Main Street Ventures is launched with focus on providing tech companies with a physical structure and wifi network to serve as a home base on Main Street in Over-the-Rhine.

Main Street Ventures launches The Brandery, a seed-stage startup accelerator that leverages the expertise of the Cincinnati region - namely branding, marketing, and design. The Brandery has been ranked in the Top 10 of all startup accelerators worldwide (there are hundreds) and successfully graduated 79 companies who have collectively raised over $135MM in outside capital & created over $120MM in exit value.

As the needs of the entrepreneurial ecosystem have evolved, Main Street Ventures launches new initiatives to meet the challenges of the future.

Where Are We Now?

Through the work of Main Street Ventures and all of the other corporations, institutions, and other organizations that make up the StartupCincy entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have come a very long way. 


The Kauffman Foundation has ranked Cincinnati the top city in Ohio for raw startup activity (18th in the U.S. - up from 35th in 2015). However, they also rank cities on “Main Street Entrepreneurship” tracking how many businesses actually survive. It is here where Cincinnati falls behind all other major Ohio cities.


We have set up a community that is encouraging talented people to take a risk and found a new venture. Now we need to make sure we have the infrastructure to help them get to sustainability.


Main Street Ventures is here to help!

Areas of Focus

Not Enough Good Ideas Survive

In a nationwide funding environment increasingly focused on larger rounds into fewer companies, it can take 12+ months and significant traction to become venture-backable.

Need More Qualified Talent

All businesses need talent that can help them scale. Young developers and designers must be both nurtured and trained. They also need ways to better connect and discuss ideas with peers.

It's a Harder Road for Some

Those startups that do survive the longer road to investability have personal resources or can leverage a friends & family network. This self-selects for a disproportionately white and male group.

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