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Founder Feature: Julie Cordier of BodyMind Balance

Meet Julie Cordier.

Owner, Gyrotonic Master Trainer, Classical Pilates Teacher Trainer of BodyMind Balance.

"Know what you value. I have always valued quality of life and time. I love that I have a business that is right-sized for me to have a life beyond my business."

BodyMind Balance is an exercise studio focusing on instruction in Classical Pilates and the Gyrotonic Method.


Q: What makes Cincinnati a great place to start a business?

A: For me, quality of life is an important consideration. Cincinnati has many positive qualities as far as culture, recreation, history, architecture, sustainability, and scale. I love that I live a 20-minute walk to downtown and a 20-minute bike ride to my studio. Our clients are amazing and are very involved in community development and philanthropy. The cycle of doing good work to help others, who do good work to help others... it is always replenished and deeply purposeful.

Q: How did a grant from Main Street Ventures impact you and your business?

A: This grant has helped our business continue to provide a quality teaching atmosphere for both clients and professional training in a highly interactive hybrid model!

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?

A: I get up at 5:30 am and typically read for an hour. I have a 10-15 minute prep routine and am out of the door by 6:50. My commute takes 9 minutes by car or 20 minutes by bike (when it's warmer). I open the studio and have time for a 30-minute workout for myself before I start teaching from 8-5. I then head home, catch up on computer work (emails, accounting, etc), and try to be finished by 6:30 to then enjoy dinner. Some evenings I do an hour of life coaching at 7 pm, otherwise, I enjoy a screen-free evening. By 9 I have prepped meals for the next day, showered, and laid out my clothes and supplies for the next day. I am typically asleep by 9:30 and 8 hours of sleep has been a welcome benefit this last year that I want to keep as time unfolds.

Q: What is a lesson you've learned that has shaped your work?

A: As the owner of BodyMind Balance, I want to support my staff and allow them to shine as instructors. By researching and taking time to understand how our business needs to respond successfully to the post-pandemic atmosphere, I have been able to plan for various technology improvements to allow my staff to return to the studio to teach both in-person clients and virtual clients in a seamless way.

Q: What's next for BodyMind Balance Inc.?

A: Time will tell! For now, I have many happy teachers and clients and as things evolve over time they will be as they need to be.


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