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Founder Feature: Ryan Frew of TinnCann

Meet Ryan Frew.

Founder of TinnCann.

"There's a strong sense of community here and a willingness to give back."

TinnCann is an online marketplace where anyone can access the undivided attention of some of the world's most extraordinary experts.


Q: What is a problem you're working to solve?

A: From finances, to geography, to connections, access to world-class expertise is often relegated to luck. This matters because dreams feel more attainable when the people who have accomplished them are within reach. To solve that challenge, we’ve built a marketplace that provides everyone with a roster of Olympians, NASA employees, and renowned artists at their fingertips.

Q: What is a lesson you've learned that has shaped your work?

A: The things worth doing are usually hard. I'm still working on learning this one.

Q: What does a typical day in your life look like?

A: I'm not sure there is a typical day yet! Sometimes I'm working on products, sometimes on fundraising. My favorite thing to do is onboard Experts who join TinnCann. It's fun to feel like a user of the product and interact with extraordinary people so often. I learn a lot on those calls.

Q: What makes Cincinnati a great place to start a business?

A: Brendan Cull, from the Chamber of Commerce, said to me that Cincinnati is special because everyone here is only one cup of coffee away from whoever they need to talk to. It struck me as an accurate way to describe what's unique about Cincinnati. There's a strong sense of community here and a willingness to give back.


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